Temperature control at the entrance and, for the staff, at the end of the shift as well.

There are always disinfected pens on the outside of the acrylic window, available for the customers.

The keycards are disinfected before given to the Customer and after being returned by the Customer.

The POS are disinfected after every use; preferable always try to use the contactless or mbway system.

Avoid contact with the customer’s cards: debit and credit, id card and passports, etc. Ask the customers to get close, insert, and take out the cards themselves. As for the identification documents, we ask the customer to show it so we can put on the systems the necessary information.   

The reception desk is disinfected every time a customer uses it.


Public areas


The use of mask inside the hotel is mandatory.

There is an information leaflet in the elevators and in every floor, stating the mandatory use of the mask in every public area of the hotel, and asking the customers to respect the 2-meter safety distance.  

Avoid turning the AC equipment on the public areas as much as possible (corridors and lobby).
In the necessity of the breakfast room needing some refresh air, use the AC equipment before and after the customers’ influx.

The elevators’ buttons on every floor (service elevator and customers’ elevator) and the handles of the service doors and the staircase doors are disinfected twice per shift, the first one being at the start of the shift and the second at the during the shift.

The lobby floor is cleaned at least twice per shift, the first one being at the start of the shift and the second at the during the shift.

Additional control of the swimming pool water is being done. As well as the control of the swimming pool users.


House Keeping

Rooms cleaning procedures were changed, namely on what regards to ventilation, materials used and disinfection of all objects.

Use of specific cleaning materials for the rooms.



Creation of more space between tables.

Extension of the breakfast period.

It is mandatory to reserve the Breakfast time.

Access to the buffet is reserved for the Hotel employees, who serve Customers' requests.

Every seat is disinfected before they are used.

At the entrance of the breakfast area there is an alcohol gel and it is mandatory for the Clients to disinfect their hands.